The Coming Into Being of VBF

Many years ago three Magicians came upon a new technology for Remanifest-ing the Most Most Holy Black Fire Supersubstantial - that was the Alpha Vanguard. That first crew of Cosmonauts ventured boldly into the Realm of Creation, dismaying all challengers, to do what had not before been done. That substance of the work was verified, validated, and Remanifested when the Beta Vangard arose by the hands of Kadmos, six and Örlög to carry the torch forward.
It warms the heart to see initiates so zealous in their work to create manifestations of the Black Flame in a world that still has plenty of room for Independence, Inspiration, and Innovation.

Cycle 1 - Signs

Cycle 2 - Awareness

Cycle 3 - Mind

In Cycle 3 we have decided to provide multimedia content as our report. Below you can find a .pdf document, an .mp4 video and an .mp3 audio file - all related to our exploration about the Mind.

Örlög's Work for Cycle 3: What is the state of mind?

This was recorded on a train platform on a cold, windy Boston morning. It is left in a raw, unedited form. The world is raw and uncontrived, and so it is fitting for this recording to be as well. This practice teaches us to find stillness in a busy environment and Ataraxia in a noisy, human existence. When we decide to Focus our Awareness, or practice the Zazen of Sky, we do not find any good or evil - only that All is Good.

Audio recording:

Text document:

six's Work for Cycle 3: Boundaries of Mind, Body and Emotions

We are often Mind focused and miss the chance to explore our Body and Emotions. Escaping the Mind experience lets us see it from the "outside" and also allows us to explore it from different angles. It is done by directing the individual's focus to the Body Experience and the Emotional Experience. After the exploration, it is possible to enter a state of continous flow where the Mind-Body-Emotion Experience keeps becoming.

Kadmos's Work for Cycle 3: Self-Observation Practice

I hesitate to provide too much explanation or theory here, as the conceptual avenues that you explore following the practice should be self-determined.
However, only speaking to my personal experience, I have found the exploration of the following topics fruitful - neurophenomenology, shamatha, form constant, eigengrau.
My best wishes to you - please take time to explore the other practices in this module.
~ Kadmos

Practice Description

Meditation Practice

We are looking forward to seeing what Comes Next!
Xeper and Remanifest

Cycle 4 - Games

In Cycle 4 we agreed to explore ways we could integrate Initiatory Work with games. During this period we have created, played and tested each others' games. In this update, these games become public.

ESCAPE FROM SECTOR 216 - by Kadmos

A tabletop game of creating conceptual pathways to escape perpetual stasis.

RULES (read first): [SECTOR216RULES.pdf]


“Everything is connected.”
Exploring how things in the World are connected, using imagination and creativity.

Description, rules and games (paper based): [game_of_connections.pdf]
Python3 version which you can run locally ($ python3 []
Dictionary required for the python3 version (needs to be at the same directory): [things.txt]


"As our previous Cycles have dealt so heavily with the Mind, I decided to try to bridge the gap through integrating Working with the Mind with a selection of physical and emotive practices. These practices are sourced from various modalities and schools of thought, ranging from Theravada Buddhism to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The overall Intention of the Work here is to have the gamer begin to understand how malleable their experiences can be in a number of situations."

Game of Changes Commentary: [Commentary.docx]
Game of Changes: [Game of Changes.pdf]

Cycle 5 - Interpreting Reality

For this Cycle, we decided to look into the exploration of internal states without conceptualization taking place. How would sensations, including emotions, appear without being categorized, interpreted, named, or otherwise conceptualized? We have created three documents about or Work in this Cycle with the focus on exploring how we interpret reality through our body, mind and soul.

Work of Kadmos: [Forest Exposure Practice]
Work of Örlög: [A Map for Navigating Treacherous Waters]
Work of Six: [Shibari as a Form of Initiation]

Cycle 6 - Silence

"More simple than you can think of. Just close your eyes and let all go. Uncondicional peace is always there." ~ Six

Work of Kadmos: [silence]
Work of Örlög: [Exploration of Initiation using Zen – The Wordless Cycle]
Work of Six: [Contemplation of Silence]

Cycle 7 - Awakening

"This Cycle focused on the idea of Awakening, the Seventh Angle." ~ Örlög

Work of Six: [Awakening of Six]
Work of Örlög: [EOB BV3 C7]
Work of Kadmos: [Cycle 7 Comments]

Kadmos pictures of Cycle 7

Cycle 8 - Cycles

Work of Kadmos: [Reorganization]

Work of Six: [Carnal Alchemy]

Work of Örlög:

Cycle 9 - Return

The Beta Unit of the Vanguard of the Black Flame has completed its work after three years.
Our final output was in the form of a video Working, part of which was its presentation at SET-XLI Conclave, where it was well-received.

In addition to detailing some of the conclusions and new directions coming out of our Work, we were able to give tribute to the Work of the distinguished Alpha Unit, and to speak to the collaborative strength of the Triad structure in the EOB. Being able to present at a remarkable event that was coordinated by Cygnus3, Generator of the distinguished Alpha Unit, seemed very fitting. The 13 min video Working can be watched here:

The distinguished Beta Unit's Work has completed.